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If Your Pipes Are Leaking, Read This and Stop Freaking!

If Your Pipes Are Leaking, Read This and Stop Freaking! | HP Mechanical

At HP Mechanical, we are your leak experts. Many of our customers realize that they have a leak somewhere in their house, but often have difficulties locating them.

Common sense will tell you to check the obvious signs of water leaks in your home. Like checking the back of your cabinets and under sinks for wetness, mold, or foul smells; nobody wants that in their house!

You should be all the more attentive to your plumbing system if your home is older than 25 years. Check all the connections; from water heaters, pumps, valves, and hoses to washing machines. If you discover oxidation or discoloration on the plumbing components, you could have water leaks.

However, not all water leaks are easy to find. If you know the signs, you can easily find hidden water leaks in your plumbing. Water leaks will waste water, encourage mold growth and damage your home. Water leak repair should be prompt to prevent disasters and costly repair bills, this is why we want to help you find those hidden water leaks.

Pay Close Attention to Your Water Bill

Say what? Why is our water bill so high again this month? When you pay close attention to your water bill, a message between the lines could be telling you water leak repair is in your near future. That unwritten message comes through when your water bill continues to increase even though your water consumption habits have not changed. If your water bill continues to increase, the message is clear that something is not right with your water system. You may need to fix a leak.

The unwritten message from your water bill can be quite perplexing. You may not have noticed water leaks under the sink, or anywhere in or outside the house. But remember, there are out of sight/out of mind underground pipes, and when they are leaking you will pay for it. A conscientious professional plumber will check all of your underground pipes when performing water leak repairs to ensure you will not have to place another service call anytime soon.

Check Your Water Meter

There is an effective way to check for water leaks by using your water meter. To use your water meter when checking for water leaks:

  • Turn off all the water in your home. Make sure all faucets are shut off and that the dishwasher and washing machine are not in use.
  • Check the water meter for changes. If it does change, chances are good you have a fast-moving leak.
  • If the water meter does not change, wait for two hours and check it again. If the water has remained off and the meter changes, you likely have a slower water leak

Your water meter will tell you when water leak repairs are necessary. Homeowners are responsible for water leak repairs for any leaks after the meter, even when those leaks are underground.

Look Over Your Water Usage

Look over your water usage. The average family of four should use no more than 12,000 gallons of water a month according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Water leak repairs are needed somewhere in your plumbing system if you are losing more than what is expected for your household.

Try the Toilet Dye Test

Your toilets should be checked to make sure they are running properly. You can flush away a large volume of water when a water leak is present. On average, toilets use up to 30 percent of your total water consumption. Try the toilet dye test to detect water leaks. It’s easy. Just grab some food coloring and drop some in the toilet tank. Then wait for 10 minutes. Water leak repairs will be necessary if you find color in the bowl after the 10-minute waiting time. This means, water is leaking from the tank to your drain without flushing the toilet.

Check If Your Outdoor Faucet is Leaking

Don’t forget about the outside spigots; is the outdoor faucet leaking? Outside spigots can be inspected by attaching a garden hose, turning on the water and looking for leaks. If water seeps through the connection while the water is turned on, replace the rubber hose gasket.

Those of you who have irrigation systems should check those as well.

Even a small leak in your irrigation system can waste as much as 6,300 gallons of water a month. Ouch! Irrigation systems should be checked for hidden water leaks by a professional plumber yearly.

When you discover a water leak of any size, call us at HP Mechanical right away. The sooner water leak repairs are made, the better off you will be. Small water leaks today will become larger leaks tomorrow causing larger repair bills and additional damage to your property.

About HP Mechanical

For many years, HP Mechanical has proudly provided comfort to thousands of homes and light commercial businesses across the Santa Rosa/Windsor area and throughout Sonoma County. We are an honest, loyal company who takes pride in our work. We take care of our customers as if they were family. Referrals are where 90% of our business comes from, so the relationships we build along the way mean a lot to our small business. The one constant with everything involves working and helping people, by striving to provide the best service available at a reasonable cost. We take personal responsibility to make sure comfort and quality meets accountability & affordability, with exceptional customer service every time!

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