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Beware of these 3 Common Plumbing Scams

Beware of these 3 Common Plumbing Scams | HP Mechanical

While the majority of plumbers are reputable, the plumbing industry has its fair share of sub-standard contractors who employ shady business practices. Here are the most common problems and recommended cures to prevent a leaky wallet.

At HP Mechanical, serving Sonoma County including Santa Rosa and Windsor, CA, we adhere to the highest standards in the industry and pride ourselves on being a transparent and accountable company. Beware of these scams and always work with a reputable plumbing company and you will never get ripped off.

Scam #1: Inaccurate Estimates

Tip: Unless you’ve got an emergency situation, take the time to get several quotes and make sure the scope of services is clearly outlined, so you aren’t comparing apples to oranges. Get clarification if a contract is not clearly spelled out, and don’t be shy about asking a plumber why a price is higher (or lower) than everyone else’s price. Most of the time, quotes at extreme ends reflect inaccurate estimations of labor time.

Scam #2: Bait and Switch

Tip: Find out what kind of materials your plumber intends to use and list it in the contract or service order; that way, you’ll be able to hold him accountable if future problems show up. Compare prices of materials at local plumbing suppliers or hardware stores. Most plumbing supplies to complete household repairs cost little – such as washers, gaskets, and O-rings – so you should watch out for exorbitant material fees. While you should allow your plumber a slight mark-up to cover his overhead and operating expenses, stay away companies which consistently charge more than 10 to 15 percent more than the cost of materials.

Scam #3: Markups in Affluent Neighborhoods

Tip: Live in an affluent neighborhood? Expect a markup on pricing from plumbers who will think they can get more out of you. So, always do your homework – call around and get quotes from plumbers based in not-so-affluent towns. Often their prices will be more reasonable and they’ll appreciate the increased business. Caveat: To make sure they won’t charge for extra travel time, keep the commute time down – if they have to travel more than an hour to get to you, expect that to be reflected in the quote.

About HP Mechanical

For many years, HP Mechanical has proudly provided comfort to thousands of homes and light commercial businesses across the Santa Rosa/Windsor area and throughout Sonoma County. We are an honest, loyal company who takes pride in our work. We take care of our customers as if they were family. Referrals are where 90% of our business comes from, so the relationships we build along the way mean a lot to our small business. The one constant with everything involves working and helping people, by striving to provide the best service available at a reasonable cost. We take personal responsibility to make sure comfort and quality meets accountability & affordability, with exceptional customer service every time!

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Five stars for Rudy from HP Mechanical.

Our furnace refused to start on Tuesday morning; HP Mechanical was one of the companies that my wife and I had contacted through Yelp and Home Advisor. Rudy was the first to contact us (Tuesday night), and he scheduled an appointment for Thursday morning, arrived at 8:00 AM, and the repair was completed by 9:15 AM.

We will use HP Mechanical again in the future for any of our other HVAC needs.

Troy B.
Santa Rosa, CA