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What to Do When Strange Sounds Come from Your Furnace

What to Do When Strange Sounds Come from Your Furnace | HP Mechanical

If your furnace is making some unusual noises, don’t fret, quite yet. Some sounds shouldn’t concern you, but others can be a sign that there might more serious problems. A heating system shouldn’t normally make a lot of noise, so any sound that is out of the ordinary should be investigated by the professionals at HP Mechanical.

We have heard all of these sounds over the years, so we can anticipate what’s going on with your furnace and find a solution promptly.

Here are some of the most common sounds that could be emanating from your furnace:

It’s Humming

If your furnace is making a humming noise, it may indicate a motor mount that has come loose, which can be a risky situation if not properly addressed. The motor in your furnace is mounted in place to prevent it from sliding or moving as it runs. If you hear this whining or humming sound, turn off the heating system right away and call us at HP Mechanical to investigate what’s causing it.

It's Popping

The ducts that allow air to move throughout your home are made of metal and can expand and contract as the system cycles on and off. The expanding and contracting process may result in your furnace making a popping noise. While you may think something serious is awry when the furnace sounds like it’s making popcorn, this is one of the noises that actually isn’t too worrisome.

It's Crackling

Hearing crackling coming from your furnace may also seem like a major problem, especially since this sound often indicates the presence of excessive heat. However, a furnace making a crackling noise usually occurs when the heated metal components within the unit start to cool down as the system cycles off.

It’s Screeching

If your furnace is making a noise like a banshee, the experience can be quite startling. In most cases, a screeching sound from your furnace indicates an issue with the motor, such as a bearing that is wearing out or has slipped out of place

Other Strange Sounds to Consider

A rattling furnace could be caused by loose screws, bolts, and other components in the system. However, it could also be a sign of a damaged heat exchanger which is a dangerous problem that requires immediate attention. Whereas a furnace that keeps clicking could point to a malfunctioning flame sensor, gas valve, or loose fan. Banging, grinding, rumbling, or scraping are additional noises that indicate service is needed.

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