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Are You Hearing Strange Noises from Your Plumbing?

Are You Hearing Strange Noises from Your Plumbing? | HP Mechanical

If you’re hearing unusual plumbing noises, contacting an experienced plumbing company like HP Mechanical in Santa Rosa, CA is in your best interests.

Strange sounds coming from your pipes and plumbing aren’t just annoying – they’re a cause for concern. Hold off on calling a plumber for too long, and you could face serious problems. To give you an idea of what type of repairs to expect, we’ve compiled a list of common plumbing noises and their typical solutions.

A loud banging sound – otherwise known as a water hammer – can occur when a valve quickly shuts off the flow of water. Obstructions in the plumbing or improperly secured pipes can also create thudding noises. A professional plumber can pinpoint the source of the noise and resolve the problem.

When you turn on a faucet and hear a hissing sound, the water pressure in the pipes may be too high. An experienced plumber can evaluate the pressure level and make adjustments or install a special valve to maintain the proper water pressure.

A high-pitched squeal or loud screech that happens when you use a faucet usually signifies a loose or defective part, such as a washer or valve. Your professional plumber may be able to replace the problematic part, but the most effective way to eliminate this plumbing noise is to install a new faucet.

It isn’t unusual for pipes to shake when water is running through them. But if the plumbing noise is loud enough to notice, chances are the pipes aren’t secure. Tightening their mounting straps may be an effective solution, but your plumber might also need to replace worn parts, so always inquire.

Do your drains gurgle? A plumbing clog, air bubbles in the pipes or a drain venting issue could be to blame for this plumbing noise. To identify the culprit and correct the problem, you’ll need the expertise of an experienced Utah plumber.

If your showerhead is making a whistling sound, it could be clogged. Removing the showerhead and cleaning any buildup can help put a stop to this plumbing noise, but you may need to consider installing a replacement. In either case, a professional plumber can take care of the problem.

Ignoring any unusual sound or symptom in your plumbing is never a good idea. Problems don’t fix themselves, after all – they only get worse over time. For expert advice and repair solutions from and turn to the professional team at HP Mechanical in Santa Rosa, CA.

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Five stars for Rudy from HP Mechanical.

Our furnace refused to start on Tuesday morning; HP Mechanical was one of the companies that my wife and I had contacted through Yelp and Home Advisor. Rudy was the first to contact us (Tuesday night), and he scheduled an appointment for Thursday morning, arrived at 8:00 AM, and the repair was completed by 9:15 AM.

We will use HP Mechanical again in the future for any of our other HVAC needs.

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