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Things that Can Seriously Damage Your Plumbing

Things that Can Seriously Damage Your Plumbing | HP Mechanical

How long has it been since you checked your plumbing system? Unless you’ve had an issue, it’s likely that you’ve never actually checked it. By working with our experts at HP Mechanical, you can be sure will that all of your plumbing will be working properly, so that any problems can be found and dealt with before they become major issues and plumbing emergencies are avoided.

Your plumbing system was built to last, but like any mechanical system in your home, it should be maintained on a regular basis. Here are some things that can have a negative effect on your plumbing:


The thought of wads of hair jamming your plumbing is just gross, but surprisingly hair can cause some serious problems in your plumbing system. Hair on its own isn’t that harmful, but if it is stuck in your pipes, it will become a dam of grease, soap matter and other gunk that can cause a serious threat to your pipes. A mass of hair and other material can clog your pipes completely.

If you can open the pipe to physically remove the blockage, do so. If not, try using a drain cleaner and if that doesn’t work, you might have to get in there with a drain snake. Or save the time and alleviate the stress by calling HP Mechanical.

Cold temperatures

We live in California, but sometimes our pipes freeze! When the temperature drops and your pipes are not insulated properly, the water inside of them can freeze up and cause all kinds of problems. If the swelling of the frozen pipe doesn’t cause a leak or serious damage, the ice inside will act as a blockage impeding the flow of water, building up the pressure until eventually, the water will burst out of the pipe. This will cause all kinds of costly damage, so do the right thing and call us at HP Mechanical.

Cleaning agents

Cleaners that are used to clean bathroom floors, toilets and, drains are effective, but some heavier chemical cleaners can cause damage. Some cleaning chemicals are acidic and corrosive in nature. These corrosive chemicals, especially heavy-duty drain cleaners, will not only eat through the matter clogging the pipe but will also eat into your pipe material and damage it. Consider using eco-friendly cleaners or making your own cleaners out of vinegar and water or baking soda can help reduce these harmful effects. Once you've determined that your pipes have been damaged in any way, contact us at HP Mechanical pronto.

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