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Do You Have an Earthquake Valve?

Do You Have an Earthquake Valve? | HP Mechanical

Since 2000, all newly constructed buildings in California must install earthquake shut-off valves. Local law enforcement agencies enforce them when issuing building permits. Despite the fact that earthquake shut-off valves could save your life, however, many Californians don’t know what they are or haven’t installed them in their older homes. At HP Mechanical, we have many customers in Santa Rosa, CA and throughout the North Bay that often ask us about the importance of earthquake valves and how they work.

Published on: 03/28/2022   |  Category:  Plumbing

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Dishwasher Suds

Dishwasher Suds | HP Mechanical

Every once in a while, we get a call from one of our customers who say. “My son (or daughter, aunt, cousin, husband or wife) accidentally put dish soap in the dishwasher and there are bubbles all over the kitchen floor!” Oops!

Published on: 03/21/2022   |  Category:  Plumbing

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Cool Factoids About the History of Air Conditioning

Cool Factoids About the History of Air Conditioning | HP Mechanical

Before 1902, humans adopted creative ways of staying cool during hot summers. The ancient Egyptians hung wet reed mats in their windows that created a cooling effect when the wind blew through. Ancient Romans went so far as to pump cold water from aqueducts through the walls of elite homes.

Published on: 03/14/2022   |  Category:  Cooling Systems

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