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Beware!! Disposable Wipes Can Destroy Your Toilet

Beware!! Disposable Wipes Can Destroy Your Toilet | HP Mechanical

Initially hitting the market in the 1970s disposable wipes were sold only in the diaper section of supermarkets, but now they are available. From being an alternative cleaning agent for babies during diaper changes, the product has evolved, with facial wipes and hand sanitizing wipes flooding the market. These handy disposable wipes, said to be “flushable” are mislabeled though. While you can flush them down your toilet, there are many horror stories of drain pipes and home septic systems getting clogged as well. Here are some reasons why you should not dispose of disposable wipes down your drain.

Published on: 08/23/2021   |  Category:  Plumbing

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What is a Plumbing Vent?

What is a Plumbing Vent? | HP Mechanical

A plumbing vent is little more than a pipe that runs from a plumbing fixture up through the roof of the home. Look on the roof of any residential home and you’ll usually be able to spot these vents poking up. In very simple terms, this pipe allows air pressure to escape from the plumbing system. Contrary to what many people believe (and what many DIY explainers might tell you), its primary purpose is NOT to let air into the pipes. If you stop for a moment to think about it, every drain in the home is open. Air doesn’t have any trouble getting into the pipes to help gravity force the water through the plumbing.

Published on: 08/16/2021   |  Category:  Plumbing

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Top Five Moments in Plumbing History

Top Five Moments in Plumbing History | HP Mechanical

Plumbing has a great history of amazing innovation and achievement and every day we are able to use it to better our lives. Here are five noteworthy developments in the history of plumbing, brought to you by all of us here at HP Mechancial.

Published on: 08/09/2021   |  Category:  Plumbing

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Do You Need an HVAC Tune-Up?

Do You Need an HVAC Tune-Up? | HP Mechanical

Getting your HVAC unit tuned up is important to experience better performance. You should properly maintain your HVAC unit to enjoy the pollution-free warm or cool air. Many people do not think about tuning up their HVAC unit until it fails to work properly. A well-maintained HVAC unit lasts longer. Therefore, you should consider scheduling regular tune-ups with experienced HVAC contractors.

Published on: 08/02/2021   |  Category:  Cooling Systems

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