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5 Craziest Plumbing Misconceptions

5 Craziest Plumbing Misconceptions | HP Mechanical

All the time, we get calls from customers who have run into problems such as the ones on this list. At HP Mechanical, serving Sonoma County, we have all of the skills and experience to do any plumbing job, so if you're not sure about doing something yourself, we are always here to serve.

Published on: 06/14/2021   |  Category:  Plumbing

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Keep Your Air Conditioning Working Right

Keep Your Air Conditioning Working Right | HP Mechanical

By Doing the Right Things

Air conditioning maintenance is a vital part of keeping your system as healthy as possible. While prompt repairs are a good idea for mitigating damage to your system, it isn’t nearly as beneficial because it relies on waiting for a problem to develop before addressing it. Air conditioning maintenance is a proactive way to keep your air conditioner healthy, by isolating and fixing issues before they develop. In order to understand why air conditioning maintenance is so beneficial, have a look at some of the steps taken during a maintenance appointment.

Published on: 06/07/2021   |  Category:  Cooling Systems

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